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Acooa B. Lee Ellis, MPP

Founder, Principal Strategist

Acooa has spent the last two decades helping people and communities actualize their own greatness. She brings rooted pragmatism and radiant optimism to the task of making our world more just, more equal, and more free.


Through ABLE Endeavors, Acooa shares her expertise with transformative leaders nationwide.




As a keynote speaker, Acooa distills the wisdom of decades of experience driving systems change into workshops and lectures that challenge and inspire.



Driving transformation — on your team, in your community, or nationwide —  requires a clear picture of what’s possible, an earnest landscape assessment, and meaningful stakeholder engagement. Acooa can help you create a roadmap for lasting change.



Leaders driving transformation need direct feedback, pragmatic guidance, and radiant optimism. As a trusted advisor and thought partner, Acooa provides all three.

Thought Leadership

The following works serve as both food for thought among leaders interested in creating cultures of empowered accountability and collaboration, as well as examples of our approach to reaching meaningful results, where people are heard as well as valued.

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