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Community Leader, Public Policy Innovator, Speaker and Writer

"We are all born with the capacity for greatness in some form."
 -Acooa B. Lee Ellis

Acooa Ellis grew up in a community where limited resources stifled dreams and brilliance often went unrealized. From an early age, she knew that the people closest to  our society’s greatest challenges also possess the insights to solve them. 

Acooa wholeheartedly believes in the power of curiosity and listening to other people — deeply, thoroughly, with a genuine desire to understand — no matter who they are, what they believe, or how they show up in the world. This practice of radical listening has taken Acooa deeply into the work of transformational change — removing barriers, building bridges and actualizing possibilities as a planning analyst, policy wonk, government affairs leader, social justice advocate, nonprofit executive, mentor, boss, consultant, writer, mother, wife and friend. 

The combination of Acooa’s lived and professional experience informs her deep appreciation for intersectional analysis, along with an acute awareness of the impact of entrenched social constructs on policy, workplaces as well as collaborative efforts, and her overall approach to guiding others. In practice, Acooa’s perspective allows her to zoom out, assess motivations, diagnose gaps, predict behavior, navigate multiple competing worldviews with authenticity, and to lead courageously across corporate, government, and community landscapes. 

Most importantly, Acooa has been called by her Creator to help other people remove barriers to their own greatness, and thereby to actualize the possibility within our communities. That is what she does every day as a consultant, coach and speaker. If you want to work together, get in touch.

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